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Less distraction is a good thing

Last night, we got the schedule for next quarter. We knew that we would have lecture two mornings, lab one afternoon and a 12 hour day of clinicals. But we weren't sure which one or who we would be with. Everyone is in lecture together, but there are two different lab groups (one after the first day of lecture and one after the second day of lecture) and 3 different clinical groups (two on one day and one on the other). There are four of us who socialize and study together so we wanted to be in the same groups. Unfortunately one person is in a different clinical group, but we will see her in lecture and lab. But the best news is that all of the annoying people are in the other lab and clinical group. YES!! Most people in the class are cool, but there are a couple who are total distractions. One girl literally does not stop talking even when the teacher is talking. She sort of carries on this low monotone discussion of what is being taught. Another is so negative and bitchy that she is always arguing with the teacher and threatening to quit/report to the dean. This is the one that I used to have in my micro lab group that caused me to switch lab groups. And then there is the girl who is so incredibly rude to the teachers and students. When she speaks, people just sit there saying, "Wow... did she just say that?" Although, her two main friends didn't pass Pharm so maybe she won't feel so emboldened this quarter. There were 8 people, in all, who didn't pass.

Yep... won't miss them a bit! All the people in my group are super cool and I am looking forward to a drama-free quarter!




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