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Life is an adventure

We are on the move again.

David's job is being eliminated and his new job is in Atlanta. We found out last Thursday that he needs to be at the new job on Sept 8. AUUUGGGHHHHHH! So... both of us have our last day at work here on the 28th. We'll move around the 1st or 2nd. I'm going up to Atlanta for a couple of days next week to try and find a place to live. So stressful!! Fortunately our current lease is up at the end of September so we don't have to worry about paying off a lease.

I'm really going to miss my job. I love the people I work with and love what I do. But it is what it is. I can transfer my license to Georgia but it takes a week or two. I'll probably not look for a job until we get there.

On the plus side... we used to live in Atlanta and have lots of friends there. We can also get back involved in the SCA. We never found a group that was as good of a fit as the group there. Excited about that. And it is a bit farther north so easier to attend events like the Francaise Dinner, Williamsburg, etc. We've been planning on moving back there in a couple of years so it just came a bit earlier.

And there will be seasons! Yeah, its hot in the summer, but at least there is a fall and winter. I'm a bit tired of Tampa's 80+ degree weather on Christmas.

Oh and we bought a new Jeep last night. Our Ford only had a couple of payments left and we were planning on trading it soon but doing it now helps us have room for the move. After all, my miata isn't exactly roomy!

I also want to journal more. I read my friends list every day but don't post often. As I will be costuming more and doing more, I want to stay more connected. I'd like to do what some of my friends are doing with their daily posting. Working 12 hour shifts might not allow me to do it daily, but I would like to make it a weekly thing.

So stay tuned! 




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