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Survived our first night

Last night, we slept in our new house for the first time. We have nothing but our pillows so we went to Ikea and picked up a futon couch bed thingie. I figured that we could use it for now and then move it into the loft or a spare room. That way if we have several guests at once, it gives us another sleeping option.

We slept in the family room downstairs. In the middle of the night there was this beeping from the alarm system. It wasn't steady. It was random. Like there would be a couple at regular intervals then nothing for a long time then one beep then nothing then a few more. So weird. It wasn't the open door or window alarm because that is 3 beeps close together. I seem to recall hearing a beep when I was walking somewhere. There may be a movement alarm in the house. I'm thinking maybe a moth or something was setting it off. Gidget was in her crate and Izzy was in the bed with me so it wasn't them setting it off. I also checked the smoke alarms to make sure one of them wasn't getting low on battery but it looks like they are hard wired. No clue. Maybe its a ghost! ;)

I absolutely love this house. David does too. I think it is my favorite house that we have lived in. The back yard is the perfect size. There is no place in the yard where we have to watch the dogs to make sure they don't eat something or get into something or whatever. There is a walk in pantry and every bedroom except one has a walk in closet. The master closet is HUGE.... like I could put a bed in there and use it as a bedroom huge. There is no excuse for any clutter in this house! LOL The kitchen has enough counter space for all of my gadgets. Have I ever mentioned that I love kitchen gadgets? Cuisinart, bread machine, standing mixer, crock pot, etc etc... No, I don't cook. Why do you ask? LOL Actually, I love entertaining and holiday cooking. I just hate the day to day stuff. Unless it involves a crock pot. I like that. The next gadget I want is an air fryer. Those look cool.

I think we are going to go down to Tampa and move our stuff up next weekend. We need to figure out the finances. But I think we can make it work. This move was last minute so we didn't have a lot of time to save up. I think we have spent about $3000 - 4000 in the last couple of weeks. *gulp* The move will be around another $1000-1200. Fortunately, David's job is giving us a big relocation bonus, but it isn't going to be here until the end of the month. So if we go into the red a bit, we can fix it then.

Also need to get internet. I am posting at the Starbucks currently while David does his homework. But need a TV set up in order to get that and it is a bundle with the internet. I don't want to buy a small TV because we already own like 4 TVs. Soon. I can deal until then. And then I can start sewing again! I already have projects in mind. I need to beef up our garb now that we are playing with the SCA again. I basically have a viking apron/underdress and a GFD under/overdress to wear. David really only has one outfit for the SCA period. And he has a rip in his chausses that needs to be fixed so he really doesn't even have that outfit! 



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